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Ida Westberg (b.1989, Sweden) is an artist living and working in Bergen, Norway. She graduated from the Art Academy in Bergen 2021. She holds a BA from the Art Academy in Trondheim.


Ida Westberg works with textiles, painting and sculpture, often in installations. Through intuitive weaving and dyeing of textile her works take form through the playful exploration of spatiality, color and materiality. In her works, she often makes connections between the inner emotional world and the outer world. With a mix of abstract and figurative pictures, she comes back to naive plant motives.

In her istallations, the construction is an artwork in itself, as an attempt to loosen the hierarchy between what is holding and what is being hold.

She explores ideas around perception and how our experience of the world is affected by inner and outer events.


Photo: Jannik Abel / Høstutstillingen

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Photo: Madihe Gharibi


Photo: Madihe Gharibi

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